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As described in one of our previous blogs, we have started a regular series of free, public webinars available for the mind mapping community.

As the leaders of mind mapping, we strive to encourage and enable wider adoption of mind mapping around the world by actively engaging with our member community online and offline. These online, live webinars aim to provide guidance for new and existing members to understand more about mind mapping, answer any questions, and to be welcomed to the Biggerplate community.

We have since hosted 3 of these Introduction to Mind Mapping and Biggerplate webinars, and what a great response we have had.

Not only are we seeing an encouraging number of participants from around the globe tuning in each time, but we are being challenged with interesting questions about mind mapping and Biggerplate- demonstrating that the curiosity and interest around mind mapping and our online library is still continuing to grow at a global level.

We get a lot of interesting and relevant questions asked about mind mapping and Biggerplate, so hosting webinars is a great way for us to engage with these valid questions better and offers you the chance to ask your questions to us in the moment!

We'll be regularly updating our blog page with selected interesting questions which we believe are valid for the whole of our community. But for now, here is a small selection of some of the examples of questions we have been asked, and what we said in response. We hope you find them useful!

Be sure to tune in to one of our next Introduction webinars to ask us your questions, and stay tuned for a new Q&A project we're hoping to launch very soon...

Which software are you presenting with?

Can mind maps be interlinked and are they compatible with other software?

  • Yes! You can link mind maps to other mind maps easily. Usually by right-clicking on the branch and selecting "insert>file". See our Youtube Tutorials for more.

  • Most, but not all, mind map softwares are compatible. Please see our FAQ article to discover which file types work with which mind mapping software.

Are there global mind maps on Biggerplate to which everyone can contribute?

  • There are not, however the software MindMeister allows for online, global collaboration.

How many branches per mind map would you reccommend?

  • You can add as many branches as you want to your mind map! It all depends on what works for you. If you are finding your mind map too hard to navigate, then you probably have too many branches (i.e too much information) to manage. It's really down to your personal requirements. You could try experimenting by linking your branches off to separate mind maps to divide up the information.

Is there a universal structure you recommend?

  • For the structure, it really is down to what works best for you! Have a look at the thousands of mind maps available on Biggerplate to see how other mind mappers are laying out their branches and content. From what we have learned from our mind mapping community, the structure of a mind map is driven by personal preference.

For a full list of FAQ's, please see our help page.

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