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XMind 7 is here: featuring direct upload to!

Our friends at XMind have just announced the exciting launch of XMind 7, their most powerful and feature-packed release to date, and featuring a direct upload link to the Biggerplate mind map library!

XMind 7 boasts a number of feature improvements, including new Gantt chart capabilities, mind map themes, enhanced printing, and an overall upgrade of the user interface! This is all fantastic news, and we'll soon be looking in more depth at these new features, but the bit we're most excited about at the moment is a little button that sits within the new software that says the 3 sweetest words you can ever hear... "share via Biggerplate"...

I know... you're weak at the knees too.

This is a little button with BIG potential to bring lots of new members and mind maps to the Biggerplate community, which will benefit anyone and everyone who uses our site to find mind map templates and examples to save them time, and provide ideas and inspiration! Anyone downloading either the excellent free version of XMind 7, or the full featured 'Pro' version will now have a much greater chance of discovering Biggerplate and all the resources that we provide, in addition to (hopefully) sharing some of their own XMind creations much more easily with the mind map community.

The 'overnight' appearance of this little button is really many months in the making, and a great testament to Stephen Zhu and the XMind team, who have been among the leaders in the software world in engaging and making great use of the recently launched Biggerplate API.

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Stephen and his team were brave enough to work with our fledgling API even while we were still building it, which would have been far more challenging for them, but helped us hugely in improving what we were building at the same time. The end result may only be a small button within the XMind 7 software, but it is a huge leap forward for Biggerplate, XMind, and (we think) the connectedness of the mind mapping world in general.

We would like to send huge congratulations to our friends at XMind, and thank them for their continued innovation and collaboration. Exciting times ahead!

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