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World record attempt : the biggest Mind Map!

Tommy Opgenhaffen and his team at Higher Technical Institute Sint-Antonius in Belgium are attempting a new world record: The World's Biggest Mind Map ! Here, Tommy explains a bit more about the project and how we can get involved!

Higher Technical Institute Sint-Antonius (HTISA) is a secondary school for technical and vocational education, located in the city of Ghent. The school currently has about 310 students, of whom a significant proportion has specific needs in terms of literacy and care. It is obvious that the motivation of our students is a prerequisite for learning, therefore we put a lot of effort in to creating a strong bond with our students and their parents and in trying to let them experience many successful learning experiences.

This year we have launched a 'learning how to learn' project called “Dare to learn – share learning”. With the help of our learning coaches, our students discover which learning strategies (such as mind mapping) they can use to enhance their learning and improve their chances of a successful future.

A couple of weeks ago, our students took up the challenge of making it into the Guinness Book of World Records by creating the biggest mind map! It is their mission to work on this project and to take all necessary steps to make it happen!

In the mind map, each student will respond to two questions: What have you learned at HTISA? And What would you like to learn at HTISA? The students will give an extra dimension to their mind map by using QR codes and also digital content (photos and videos) in the mind map.

The mind map will be shown in the Ghelamco Arena in Ghent on Wednesday 1st of June, with our students and the support of Belgium's Mind Mapping (BIMM), the network of accredited Mind Experts in Belgium.

The mind map will also be assessed on the same day in terms of quality to see whether or not the students' efforts will make it into the book of World Records.

We are convinced that this project is a unique opportunity for our students to develop their lifelong learning skills and to share their learning with others.

Of course a project like demands a great deal of effort, both organisationally and financially. To make this project a success we have launched a crowdfunding initiative. (in Dutch, but please don't hesitate to contact me for a translation!).

We want to raise the amount of € 5,500. Primarily, this amount will be used to pay for all the materials that are needed to create the mind map itself (paints, cloth, etc.). Any additional funding will be invested fully in the 'learning how to learn' project of our school.

Our students are looking for companies and individuals who want to help to support this project. Through the crowdfunding initiative, we offer different rewards in exchange for a financial contribution. You can donate anything from €5 to support our great project.

For instance, for a donation of € 75.00, we will offer you a piece of the mind map after the record has been set.For an amount of € 500.00, your company will be recognised as a partner of the project and included in all communication channels, and you will also be mentioned it in the mind map, which will be displayed in the Ghelamco arena.

All options can be accessed via the crowdfunding site.

Our students have until Friday 20th May to achieve their goal. It would be wonderful if you can help them to do so, and very much appreciated.


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