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Which mind map software formats are supported on Biggerplate?

The library at Biggerplate contains mind maps created using a wide range of different mind mapping software programs and apps. When a software is 'supported' on Biggerplate, this simply means our library can accept mind maps created using that particular software/app. We choose which software to support on Biggerplate based on the quality and popularity of the software and our aim is to support all of the best options from the mind mapping technology world.

To find the most up to date list of supported mind mapping software, please visit our mind mapping software directory, where you can see all of the supported formats, and information about each software/app.

Please remember: not all mind maps and mind mapping software is compatible. You may find that your chosen software/app cannot open some of the mind maps from Biggerplate. This is (unfortunately) not something we can control. Please check the software file options within your chosen software to understand what other formats it can open/import. For more information on this, see this help article: which file types work with my mind mapping software?

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