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Which is the best mind mapping software?

With many different mind mapping software and app options out there, it can sometimes be hard to know which to choose, especially if you're new to the world of mind mapping. We get asked "which is best" a lot, and it's a good question. Unfortunately, it's also a tricky question to answer! There are some great mind mapping software options out there, and some not so good options... so we want to try and help you.

Start with our software/app shortlist

First of all, take a look at our mind mapping software directory for information about a number of different software and apps. We only support software/apps on Biggerplate that are proven to be popular and well-used by members of our community, and this list covers both free software, to full-powered premium options.
If you're considering mind mapping software or apps that are NOT listed in our directory, then you might want to think twice. If it's not on our list... there's probably a good reason.

Second: See how the mind mapping community voted

A good idea is to take a look at our Annual Mind Map Report, which shows which mind mapping software/app was voted the best by our user community each year. The 'mind mapper's choice' award is given to the software/app which receives the most votes, and is a strong endorsement of the software and developer. This report is researched and published each year, so take a look and see who currently tops the list!

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