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Where to Find Biggerplate?

There are many social media channels available to us all now, and for some (myself included) it can sometimes get a little bit difficult to remember all the different places you are registered, let alone where anyone else is!

Here is a quick run down of the places you can link up with Biggerplate online if you want to: - Here we'll keep you updated with any new maps that are added to the site, as well as suggesting any other sites, blogs, friends, tools, images etc that you might find interesting!

Biggerplate Page on Facebook - If Facebook is your choice, then you can find us here too, and (if you think we are worthy) you can become a fan of our page.

Liam on Linkedin - If you want to connect with me on Linkedin, I would be happy to see you there. Please indicate that you are a Biggerplate or Mindmap user though, as this helps me avoid spam connections!

Biggerplate User Group on Linkedin - We have a new group on Linkedin for Biggerplate users, but it is not possible to provide a link directly to it from here. If you go to view my profile, you should be able to do it from there by looking for the groups that I'm part of!

I hope to see you on one or more of these sites soon!


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Barney is Community Manager at Biggerplate and shares user stories, mind mapping tips, and other news and updates from our global member community!
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