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Where in the World?

Did you know you can now display your location as part of your Biggerplate

Perhaps you didn't even realise you could create a mini profile on Biggerplate? Fair enough. Let's take a quick look at what it is, and why we encourage you to take a look!

When we rebuilt Biggerplate and launched the new site in March 2011, we wanted to ensure the community side of the website was more visible and obvious to users. In essence, we wanted people to realise that they were part of a large, active, and continually growing community of mind map users from all over the world!

We added a few simple things to try and achieve this (for example; the counter on the homepage that shows the steady growth in membership) but the biggest addition we made in this respect was the creation of what we called "mini profiles".

The mini profile enables users to fill out a little information about themselves, and also create links to their own website, blog, and social networks. The idea is not to create another social network on Biggerplate (we shuddered at the thought of it), but instead enable our users to learn a little about one another, and then connect using their preferred social networks.

We hope this will help users understand a little more about the context in which maps are created, and also enable people to make new and interesting connections on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter that will help strengthen the links within the mind mapping community!

Recently, we have added the "Location" feature, which enables you to show other users where in the world you are from. We know from our website analytics that our users come from every possible country you can think of, so we want to show the diversity of backgrounds by mapping our mappers! This little addition is part of a larger project that will be launching later in the year, that will illustrate just how widespread and active the community at Biggerplate has become. Get involved now, and you won't regret it!!!

So why not have a go at filling out your own mini profile? It takes a matter of seconds, and is a great way to tell others about yourself, your business, and your use of mind mapping! To get started, click here.

Once completed, your profile can be found at

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Barney is Community Manager at Biggerplate and shares user stories, mind mapping tips, and other news and updates from our global member community!
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