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Not sure what actually is or does? Let us try to clarify for you!

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Biggerplate is first and foremost, a mind map library, packed with mind map templates and examples created and shared by mind mappers from around the world. The maps shared on Biggerplate are software files, not just pictures of mind maps. This means if you want to download and use the mind maps, you'll need to have some mind mapping software or an app installed on your device.

To download mind maps from our library, you must be a registered member of our community. Registering on Biggerplate is free of charge for a basic account, which will give you unlimited mind map download access.

If you would like more content to help you get the most out of mind mapping in your business, then you might want to Biggerplate Business Club membership, which gives you access to our exclusive webinars as well as access to lists of curated maps and other special offers. For more information, please see here.

One registered with us, you will be able to download mind maps (to use on your own computer) and/or also upload your own mind maps to the library for others to view and download. Remember, if you upload a mind map to Biggerplate, it is public and visible to the world, so don't share any private or confidential mind maps!

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