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What does 'Beta' mean for Business Club?

The Biggerplate Business Club is a new project (launched in September 2016), and is currently in 'Beta' which means we are still testing and improving functionality, and actively seeking feedback from our members about the project!

While the project is in Beta, you may find that some functionality is limited, and there may not be much content in some areas of the Business Club at the moment. It's also possible that some things might break when you click them...! Don't worry, we're still working on these things behind the scenes, and you'll see constant improvement over the Beta Testing period (a couple of months). We prefer to get real feedback from our site and our members, and shape our thinking in response to this feedback. Launching projects in a basic 'Beta' form provides us with invaluable analytics and feedback that helps us build something better in the long run!

This is a vital testing stage for us to check what works (and what does not), and also gather ideas and perspectives from members. If you find something does not work within the Business Club, please let us know! Likewise, if you have some ideas for how the Business Club can be improved and developed further, we'd love to get your ideas too!

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