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Webinar Showcase - Mind Mapping as a Powerful Project Management Tool

The year may be nearing an end, but the Biggerplate Business Club is still very much running at full pace! Another great webinar was held on Thursday 8th December with Chance Brown (SPX Corporation) discussing the use of mind mapping for project management!

Based in North Carolina, Chance is Senior Manager of HR Projects at SPX Corporation, a global leader in the provision of industrial and manufacturing equipment. SPX has operations in about 20 countries, and approximately $2 billion in annual revenue. The company employs approximately 6,000 people worldwide, and Chance uses mind mapping in his role to help manage a range of processes and projects to support and enable the Global HR functions within SPX.

Chance Brown has been using mind mapping software since 2000 for a range of business and personal projects. Chance is also a long-standing supporter of the mind mapping community at Biggerplate (view his Biggerplate profile), and also presented at Biggerplate Unplugged in San Francisco back in 2014. Today, he primarily uses mind mapping software for daily task management and managing global HR projects. Mind mapping plays a central role in helping him manage both the “big picture” and the details of all his projects. It also provides him with a seamless process for managing his day-to-day tasks across all projects.

In his Business Club webinar, Chance talked about:

  • Basics of mind mapping
  • His use of the software iThoughts
  • 5-step process of Task Management
  • The Value Proposition of mind mapping
  • A project example: How to leverage mind mapping for a complex project

Chance shared his approach to managing daily tasks and complex projects with mind mapping software, sharing the maps he uses every day for work and real projects.

Watch the archived webinar on our Business Club page, and learn more from Chance's mind mapping experience!

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