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Webinar Showcase- Effective SWOT Analysis with Mind Maps

A few weeks ago, founder of Biggerplate, Liam Hughes, gave an insightful webinar on the effects of mind maps for SWOT analysis. The Business Club webinar is available to watch in our archive , so have a look now!

SWOT analysis is one of the simplest and most effective business frameworks in use today, and yet is often conducted poorly, with little sense of the purpose or desired outcomes.

This Business Club Webinar will show you how to conduct a thorough analysis of your business situation using powerful mind mapping software and expert facilitation.

A mind map overview presentation used by Liam Hughes during his Business Club webinar about the use of mind mapping to facilitate effective SWOT Analysis is available for viewing and download on Liam's Biggerplate page.

To view the webinar, visit

Have a look at the many SWOT mind map templates available for download on! Simply search 'SWOT' in the search bar.

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