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Utrecht Speakers and Sessions

Wow - it's been a busy one couple of months here, and getting to the blog has been a challenge, but now is the time to get back into it with a post about one of the big projects we have been working on, which is our next mind map conference taking place in Utrecht on October 9th.

We've been working hard to pull together what I believe is our strongest line-up of conference speakers and sessions so far, and I'm thrilled to bring such a strong mix of experts and perspectives together for the Dutch mind mapping community! I think it's worth giving you a little flavour of what to expect in Utrecht, now that we have our awesome line-up ready and raring to go!

We'll be starting the day with a short welcome and introduction from me... but don't let that put you off... I'll be brief! My aim is to explain the aim of these events, and the focus for the day. I'll also be sharing some information about recent developments and ongoing projects at Biggerplate, and outlining ways that people can get involved in some of the other great stuff we are putting together!

World Cafe Sessions

One of the highlights of both the London and Paris conference events was the level of attendee participation and discussion that took place. However, we think we can do more to enable greater interactivity and discussion, and so we have designed two sessions specifically for this purpose. These "World Cafe" sessions will invite attendees to participate in a lively discussion, focused around two particular themes:

Our first World Cafe session (led by Hans Terhurne), will focus on barriers to mind mapping adoption, asking our attendees to consider and share their experience of trying to introduce mind mapping to others, either within their own organisations, or as a supplier/consultant to others.

Following on from our first discussion session, the second World Cafe will take a look at the current adoption of mind mapping within the Netherlands, and explore practical ways to help spread the approach and tools more extensively into Dutch business, government and education. This second session will be led by John Albers.

Speaker Sessions

We'll be treated to a presentation by Saskia Smet about the mistakes visual-spatial thinkers make at work. Saskia has some great insight into the challenges that visual workers face, and how greater self-awareness can help to overcome these issues. Saskia brings a wider 'visual thinking' perspective to the day, which will help to place our mind mapping discussions into a broader context.

Marc van Oudheusden is a senior advisor on crisis management and security for the Dutch Government, and will give us a unique insight into the use and adoption of mind mapping within large government organisations. Based on his own experience, Marc will discuss some of the constraints and barriers that exist, and also suggests possible solutions and work-arounds.

Hans Buskes will present his view of Mind Mapping 3.0, exploring how to use mind maps to manage information overload. Among a number of practical examples and case studies, Hans will also show how mind mapping helped local police in solving a real-world crime cold case!

Long-time Biggerplate contributor Marco Bertolini will illustrate how visual thinking and mind mapping can help to make studying more engaging and enjoyable for students, based on his extensive experience of working with students of all ages.

Mathieu van der Wal focuses on the practical use of mind mapping to improve the meetings we all have within our organisations. Mathieu will outline a practical approach to create 'Smarter Meetings', focused on defining expectations and actions more clearly.

Our great friends from MindMeister will be participating in their third successive Biggerplate Unplugged conference, and Richard Egan will be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of cloud-based applications, and how this shapes the development plans for an organisation like MindMeister.

Also keeping up their 100% conference record are the fantastic folks at Mindjet, who follow up their London and Paris participation by joining us in Utrecht! Lucas Calabro will be exploring mind mapping for projects, looking at an end-to-end approach that aims to take projects from inception to completion more successfully and collaboratively.

We're also thrilled to have the team from Connection of Minds mind mapping all the sessions throughout the day, giving us some fantastic mind map content for the day that will be shared on Biggerplate!

As you can see, we have really got a fantastic line-up of speakers and sessions organised, and it is no surprise that our early-bird tickets sold out so quickly over the last month! We're really excited about this event, and we think it could be the biggest yet! Space is limited, so I'd encourage you to purchase your tickets soon to avoid missing out. The event will be in English, and we expect to see a few faces from around Europe joining us for what promises to be a great day of discussion and innovation.

I'd like to thank in advance all those who have agreed to participate in the event, and I look forward to seeing many of our members for the next instalment of the Biggerplate Unplugged series!

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