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Using Mind Maps to Solve Business Problems

We love to see people using mind mapping in new ways, but what we like to see even more is people putting mapping and mapping software to good use in real-world contexts and situations to achieve clarity and improvement. Recently we were contacted by Matt Tanguay at Fluent Brain who has put together a whole-new step-by-step guide to help business people identify and solve problems with Mindjet MindManager.

Matt has been kind enough to offer this guide up for free to Biggerplate members, and you can get the full guide for free by visiting his website here.

The process uses the MindManager map format in new ways, but also calls upon some of the strongest and most established features of the software to help you better identify problems and obstacles in your work, then move through a systematic process that will result in clear actions being generated. If you find yourself fire-fighting too often, and struggling to identify actions that will make a difference, why not take a look at what Matt has to suggest!

Download "Using Mind Maps to Solve Business Problems" now!

Matt has also contributed some fantastic GTD and planning mind maps to the Biggerplate library that you can see here.

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