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Upgraded 'Hub Pages' on Biggerplate

We've recently been focused on a couple of projects that we hope will improve the site experience for people visiting, and in particular, we have been looking at better ways to highlight new mind map content, and high quality content.

We've made a few small additions over the last week, and these are just a few small steps in a larger project that should ensure you are able to find context-specific, high quality mind map content even faster!

We've started by looking at what we call our 'Hub Pages' - these are very popular pages where people often start their exploration of Biggerplate. There are three hub pages on Biggerplate, based on the three parent categories within the mind map library:

Business Mind Maps

Education Mind Maps

General Mind Maps

If you visit these pages now, you'll (hopefully) notice a few improvements, but in case you don't, here's a quick run down of what we've added...

Simplified Category List: Rather than having to scroll down the page to see all the available sub-categories within the 'Business' section (for example), you can now see a quick access list on the right hand side of the page.

Featured Map Area: Here we feature a selection of maps chosen from the library for their quality. Once again, they are chosen from the section of the library you are currently in, meaning if you're in the 'Business' section, you'll see a selection of great mind maps chosen from the Business section only.

Popular Maps: Want to know which maps within the business library have proven popular with other users? Look no further than the "Popular Maps" widget, which serves up a constantly updated selection of the most viewed maps. You can select to view the most popular today, this week, this month, this year, or for all time! A great way of seeing which content is popular right now, and which content has stood the test of time!

Latest Maps: The last piece of the puzzle is a latest maps feed that serves up the latest maps added to the particular section you're in. This means if you're in the education section, you'll see a selection of the latest maps added into the education section, and likewise with the business section. A great way to quickly see what's new within your area of interest!

We hope you like these little changes... and keep your eyes open for some additional improvements that will be dropping into popular areas on the site over the next couple of months!

As always, your feedback and comments are gratefully received!

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