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Mind Mapping for Business Productivity - London Workshops

You've probably seen or heard us making lots of noise about using mind maps as a means of improving productivity. Yes? Great - you're hopefully already aware of some of the reasons why we think the mind mapping/productivity combo is a winner. No? Even better - you hopefully won't be fed up of us shouting it from the rooftops!

We at Biggerplate use mind maps on a daily basis, not just because thats sort of the whole premise of our business(...), but also because we have experienced for ourselves the vast improvements in our productivity and working habits as a result of their continuous (and simple) use.

So it seemed only right that we should try and share this combination of personal experience, (copious amounts of) research and feedback from our community, with our community.

The result? Our range of training & learning solutions, designed to fit every need, every schedule and every budget!

Chief among these are our London based training workshops. These full day workshops allow us to connect face to face with those keen to get the most from their mind mapping software, and help them to boost their productivity and improve working habits, using this terrific tool.

At these workshops, you'll learn:

  • A simple four stage process to enable effective management of time and tasks
  • How to create a powerful dashboard mind map to manage your daily working
  • The basic principles of effective mind mapping
  • The key features and benefits of mind mapping software

We've two dates left before the summer break, so don't delay, join us on either:

Here's what past participants had to say about the sessions:

"I thought the workshop was delivered with an excellent balance of informality and structure. Exercises were thought provoking and helped to set the context well. I left with the urge to convert our cumbersome Excel business strategy document into a map" - Consultant at Elevate UK

"I would definitely recommend this workshop. I have no previous experience with Mind mapping, so found the workshop very useful. Very productive. Great environment. Great guys." - Local Business Development Manager: Listers Audi

For more information on our workshops and to book your place at our upcoming session on May 17th, click here! For all our mind map events and workshops, click here.

Alternatively, for a flexible and even more affordable solution, check out our range of e-learning courses - guaranteed to help you get the most from your preferred mind mapping software and improve your productivity! To find the e-learning course that's right for you, click here!

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Barney is Community Manager at Biggerplate and shares user stories, mind mapping tips, and other news and updates from our global member community!
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