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Two members reach 100 mind map uploads each!

Stop everything! Now... start dancing: Two members of the Biggerplate community just completed their 100th mind map upload to the mind map library!

We're an easily excited bunch at Biggerplate... but this week we have a great reason to get excited, as two of our members, Peter te Riele from the Netherlands and Marina de Roover from Belgium each uploaded their 100th mind map to the Biggerplate library! Two members, from two different countries, with a combined contribution of over 200 mind maps!

That's a reason to get excited in itself, but we think there's even more to consider and congratulate:

Quantity and Quality

Both Marina and Peter have not only contributed a large number of mind maps, but have also submitted maps that look fantastic, and have proven extremely popular with our member community. You just need to look at the total number of views, downloads, and likes that these two have accumulated to see that they have both been contributing quality as well as quantity! Hey... that would be a nice feature to display on people's profiles... hmmm...

Anyhow. Uploading maps to Biggerplate is easy. But uploading maps that clearly took time to create and which are based on your own learning, knowledge, and expertise is much more time consuming. And these guys have both done it over 100 times each!!!

Multi-lingual mind mapping

Here's something else we love... both Peter and Marina have uploaded maps in multiple languages. This is the ideal scenario from our perspective, as multiple map languages is essential if Biggerplate is to truly become the best source of mind mapping content in the world. We have visitors from all over the world, and we want to prove great mind mapping templates and examples in their native language. Marina and Peter's respective contributions in both English and Dutch not only help us provide great mind maps for our English and Dutch members, but also helps build information that Dutch Google may find interesting, meaning it will be more likely to show Biggerplate in search results to people who are searching in the Dutch language. If we knew how to say great news in Dutch... we would. Oh wait... Google knows: geweldig nieuws!

Sharing is caring

A simple point, but one that we are always so happy about: If you share a mind map on Biggerplate, make sure you tell the world about it via Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, shouting from your window, stopping strangers in the street etc etc.

Marina and Peter not only share maps on Biggerplate, but they are fantastic in actively sharing knowledge about their maps, and mind mapping in general on Twitter and elsewhere. You can find Marina on Twitter here @marinaderoover and Peter here: @Peterteriele

Community engagement

Finally, both Marina and Peter represent the best of the Biggerplate community: Two members who have shared their mind mapping learning and experiments freely, engage openly and positively with ourselves and other members, and both with a fantastic passion for growing the adoption of mind mapping around the world.

Thank you!

It only remains for me to say a huge thank you to Marina and Peter on behalf of the Biggerplate team and our global community for their incredible contribution to Not only through the amazing number of maps they have shared, but also through the nature of their engagement, collaboration, and positive energy. We appreciate every mind map upload, twitter mention, and message of support, feedback, and inspiration along the way. We thank you for taking the time to share your work and passion with us.

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