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Top Ten Mind Maps on

I've just uploaded a mind map to which displays links and key info for the top ten most downloaded maps that are featured on It is called "Top Ten Mind Maps on"

Particular praise must go out to Luciano Passuello who occupies 3 positions in the top ten, with "Getting to Yes", "The Now Habit" and "One Small Step Can Change Your Life". Luciano has been a regular conributor to Biggerplate from very early on, and we greatly appreciate him sharing his work with the Biggerplate community. You should check out his own site which is full of great information and can be found at

The always excellent and always appreciated work of Mindjet's Michael Deutch zooms in at number 3 with "SWOT Analysis" and Chance Brown contributes the 5th most downloaded map in the shape of "Steven Covey's Time Management Matrix as a Mind Map".

My good friend Greg Myhill (currently sunning himself in Australia pretending to study) gets in at number four with "Managing Projects", and Henry Bartlam (co-founder of skips in at number 7 with "GTD (Getting Things Done) Mind Map".

The remaining maps come from Justin Radcliffe ("7 Ways to Organise Outlook Email") and Maclek Iwaniuk ("PMBOK 3rd edition - process map") with the number one map coming from Mindjet ("MindManager Personal Organiser Template Mind Map").

I'd like to thank all these people for submitting such great mind maps to Biggerplate, and I hope some others will now take on the challenge of squeezing themselves into the top ten!

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