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Theme for September: Mind Mapping at School!

This month at Biggerplate, we're launching the start of a new initiative that will see us focus on a particular subject theme each month on the website! As pupils around the world return to school this month, our theme and focus for September will be mind mapping in schools!

We think that choosing a theme each month will help us to better show how mind mapping is being used in different contexts around the world, by gathering maps, case studies, and conversations around the theme. Every month, we hope to encourage people to share mind maps related to the theme, and also join in the online conversations about how/where mind mapping fits with the theme!

We launch this new initiative with a focus on mind mapping in schools, and hope as many people as possible will share their maps, and perspectives as we seek to better understand how teachers and pupils can use mind mapping to improve their working and learning. If you're a teacher, or indeed a school pupil using mind maps, we'd love to hear from you!

There's lots planned for the new monthly theme, and we look forward to exploring this, and future topics with you all over the course of the month!

Happy mapping!

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Barney is Community Manager at Biggerplate and shares user stories, mind mapping tips, and other news and updates from our global member community!
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