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The New Blog for the New Year

Hello and happy new year to all members and anyone else who happens to stumble upon

As you can (hopefully) see, I have finally pulled my finger out and replaced the old and largely redundant blog at with this new and rather more useful version from Blogger

My hope is that I can use this blog to forge much better links with the many different people that are using everyday. There are certainly a great many of you, and I feel I have been far too slow to utilise blogs and other online tools in order to communicate with you about the various interesting projects that you are all working on, as well as talking with you about what might be done to Biggerplate

Within this blog, I hope to talk about a wide range of topics, broadly focusing on entrepreneurship, interesting projects and people, and of course , and visual Mapping in general. Through speaking with members, I know there are a number of great ideas and projects being worked on around the world, and I am therefore wary of focusing purely on mapping, as I would like this to be an area where we can discuss what people are working on, regardless of whether it is immediately releted to visual mapping! My theory is that people who are using mapping as a way of working, and particularly those who are using and Biggerplate

I would like to wish all members, and anyone else who happens to read this blog a very happy and prosperous 2009Biggerplate

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Liam is the founder of, and tries (with varying success) to write about key projects and progress at Biggerplate, as well as the wider world of mind mapping and our place within it.
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