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The New MindMeister Experience!

Our good friends over at MindMeister have been at it again, working away to make the MindMeister experience even slicker!

You may have already noticed and had a play with the "New MindMeister Experience", but in case you haven't, here are some of the headlines:

New Sidebar - while the existing sidebar remains, you now have the option to toggle between it and a snazzy new icon library! (We may have developed a bit of a smiley emoji addiction...)

Top Bar - map settings can now be found under the ( i ) button in the top bar. Click here to edit your map's theme, alignment and properties!

Footer - the new look footer contains options for sharing, printing and exporting your maps. This is where you find our favourite button in MindMeister: the button that shares your mind map to Biggerplate, obviously!

You can also chat with collaborators from within MindMeister, via the chat window. Our favourite new addition in this area, however, are the awesome new animal avatars and names (like 'Diving Rhinoceros') that are automatically assigned to anonymous users collaborating on your map.

(We've got loads of great ideas for names, so if the MindMeister team want more outstanding suggestions like "Parkour Platypus" and "Gymnastic Jellyfish", they know where to find us...)

Recenter - this new, nifty little button centres your mind map. Marvellous!

Help - the handy new help dialog (found by clicking on your user avatar in top right of screen) covers some of the most popular help topics, so you needn't struggle in silence if you can't figure something out! You can also find key shortcuts here to improve the ease and efficiency of your mind mapping!

The latest changes, from the magical minds at MindMeister, get a big thumbs up from us! What do you think!? Now, we have to get back to collaborating on our latest mind map with "Majestic Mongoose"...

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