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Ten Management Mind Maps from Biggerplate

This is the first of (what we hope) will be many short blog posts that let you know about interesting new content that has been added to the Biggerplate mind map library by our users.

We try our best to heap praise on those members that upload their mind maps to our site, as they are the driver behind the growth of Biggerplate as a website and a community. We will therefore be taking a more active approach in using this blog to identify, talk about, and promote new and interesting mind map content that is added to Biggerplate by our fantastic members!

This first one is cheating a bit, as it is from us, but we thought we'd start with an easy one! We thought this would be a useful mind map to create and share with people, as it acts as a very quick and easy directory to some great content for people involved in management roles. There are many more mind maps in the "Management" category within Biggerplate, but this map contains a small selection of those that we thought would be of interest.

It seems mind mapping has real use for managers (and those aspiring to be managers), perhaps because it is a great way of seeing both the whole picture and the small details, which is after all, a talent that all the best managers must have. Using a mind map as a management dashboard, or to guide a particular process, is a great way of ensuring you can retain your managerial overview, whilst also being able to spot areas for attention by diving deeper into the detail (such as task and resource information). Given the pressure many managers find themselves under these days, a tool that helps you to do this would surely be a god-send, and we would suggest that a mind map is good place to start.

Hopefully some of the maps contained within this directory map can provide you with a template to get you started, or help you identify what sort of management mind map you might need to create for yourself... View "10 Mind Maps for Managers"

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