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Ten Best Practices of Business Process Management- Business Club Webinar

For out next Business Cub webinar, we are privileged to welcome Dr Graham Smith, Supply Chain Management and Business Process Management Specialist. Discover his interesting mind maps here!

22nd August 2017 - REGISTER NOW!

Graham will speak to us about the Ten Best Practises of Business Process Management - an area he has plenty of experience in (particularly thanks to his previous work with SAP), including a five day course on the subject. This is certainly a webianar not to be missed!

Business process management

Business process management or BPM was unheard of until a few years ago, however almost overnight it became the hottest business and technology management trend of the decade.

Anyone in business or industry, private or public will have heard of the movement toward “process”, or about things like process management or process improvement.

Not everyone knows about process improvement methods like Lean and Six Sigma or about new technologies like Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) or Service- Oriented Architectures (SOA).

BPM represents a culmination of all the collective experience, thinking, and professional development in business management over the past several decades. It’s customer first. It’s business focused. It empowers people in all corners of a business to be more successful. It brings people and systems together. BPM is where all the lofty goals and best strategies are coming home to roost.

When you melt all these things together and it can start sounding pretty confusing. But really, BPM is very simple. It’s a set of methods, tools, and technologies used to design, enact, analyse, and control operational business processes; a process- centric approach for improving performance that combines information technologies with process methodologies.

Graham has produced a fairly lengthy but simple introduction to BPM delivered over a number of days with both theory and practices, but this webinar will focus upon best practices and where practical pitfalls that can be avoided.

About Graham Smith

Graham is a man with a very interesting story. His first book "The Transformed Shell" is soon to be published, in which Graham gives an exhaustive overview of his life.

Having joined the Royal Air Forces in the 60's, Graham has been travelling around the world ever since. Following his Military career Graham rejoined civilian life in the mid 1970’s entering the Oil & Gas exploration and production industry; he was one of the pioneers of the industry in the North Sea. Leaving the North Sea and heading back overseas again Graham found himself working in the Middle East building some of the first oil and gas processing plants in Bu Hasa and Ruwais, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Graham has worked in all the countries that make up the Middle east, as well as the Far East.

During his working career Graham decided to pursue further education and has attained a Bachelor of Science in Computing Science, a Master Of Science in Design and Systems Implementation, culminating in a Doctor of Philosophy for his work in eCommerce and Internet evolution, specifically, the development of the extensible markup language (XML) which drives modern eCommerce today.

Graham holds a Master of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Analysts & Programmers, a Member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply, a member of the British Computer Society and a member of the InternetSociety. Over his thirty plus years career in Oil and Gas Exploration & Production specifically in the Supply Chain Management field he has worked for many of the Oil & Gas EP majors which includes Shell, Mobil, BP, Petronas, Pertamina in almost every operation around the world.

Having retired from Shell Exploration & Production in 2006 after completing the Design & Implementation of the Shell EP Blueprint in Petroleum Development Oman and other Shell Operating companies in the Middle East, Asia and Russia, Graham continued to be involved in numerous implementations of SAP in a variety of industries, the most notable being Greenfield Aluminium Smelter in Sohar, Sultanate of Oman. This was a first for Oman and Graham was responsible for the development and training of Omani’s in the field of supply chain management and SAP. Not content with stopping there Graham continues his work in SAP implementations, the most recent being Carlsberg Breweries and Tenaga National (Utilities industry) in Malaysia and Arrow Energy, Coal Seam Gas Exploration & Production in Brisbane, Australia.

We look forward to hearing from him and learning in our Business Club webinar on August 22nd- don't forget to tune in!

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