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Take a look at the Mindjet Blog

No doubt you have already had a look, but thought I'd flag to anyone who may not have done that Michael Deutch has posted a great article on the Mindjet blog where he highlights the use of MindManager as a tool for planning your strategy, business cases, and your home life.

The article contains analysis of three different maps that utilise the mapping approach fantastically in order to handle different situations. All of the maps discussed are hosted on the Biggerplate library and there is little point in repeating what Michael has said, so I simply advise you to take a look here.

What he has spotted however, which had been missed on my part, was that this is a series of three great maps uploaded to Biggerplate by one member who goes by the name of msdizzy.
Michael has spotted a great contribution to the mapping world, and I must apologise to msdizzy for failing to spot this great series of uploads!

I thoroughly recommend these three maps to anyone who wants to see great examples of how to use mapping in a range of contexts in a highly effective manner. Well done and thank you msdizzy, the Biggerplate community salutes you!

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