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News, updates and articles related to MindManager mind mapping software from Mindjet.

Annual Report 2017 Insights: Multi-Tool Mapping

The results of our Annual Mind Map Survey are always published in our Annual Report. One of the reasons we publish this is to provide a conversation starter for members of our community, and the wider world of mind mapping. We propose no definitive answers or explanations here, but instead try to share some interesting data, and the occasional reflection!

Présentation (MindManager)-Guide de survie à l'attention du bénévole

Cette semaine, on vous propose une présentation d'une carte heuristique qui a gentillement été partagée par Franck Maintenay: Guide de survie à l'attention du bénévole.

Franck partage ses nombreuses cartes sur Biggerplate, et nous en sommes reconnaissants.

Etre responsable d'un domaine sur un festival n'est chose aisée. Gérer une équipe dans un contexte relativement stressant (gérer le flux de festivaliers,

Mixing Personal and Professional Dashboards

If you haven't already taken our Mind Mapping for Business Productivity course, then take it now! Our mind map e-learning courses give you an affordable and flexible way to improve your mind mapping knowledge and skills. So if you are a user of Xmind, iMindMap, iThoughts, MindManager or MindMeister then we encourage you to take our courses!

In our course,

Ask the experts !

As described in one of our previous blogs, we have started a regular series of free, public webinars available for the mind mapping community.

As the leaders of mind mapping, we strive to encourage and enable wider adoption of mind mapping around the world by actively engaging with our member community online and offline. These online, live webinars aim to

Biggerplate Annual Report 2017 is now LIVE!

It's time to share your feedback and shape the future of mind mapping, with the return of our Annual Mind Map Survey!

Take the Survey: Click Here

Last year over 1,100 mind mappers from around the world told us how they were using mind maps, and the results were compiled and published in our Annual Mind Map Report 2016


Cette carte proposée par Signos est un modèle de mind mapping pour gérer et suivre un projet depuis sa création jusqu'à sa réalisation.

Grâce au mind mapping tous les éléments du projet sont réunis et gérés sur un seul et même document: les ressources nécessaires (humaines, matérielles, financières), la répartition des tâches, la gestion des risques etc.

Il n’est

MindManager for Business Productivity: E-learning course now live!

We're hugely excited to announce that our MindManager for Business Productivity e-learning course is now live and available online, with some great reviews coming in from those who have taken the course already! Biggerplate members can get 25% off the cost of these courses using the code BIGGERPLATE25, and you can view the course details here: MindManager E-learning

This new

Mindjet's Michael Deutch to speak at Biggerplate Unplugged!

We're delighted to kick-off the new year with the exciting news that our good friends at Mindjet will be joining us for Biggerplate Unplugged in San Francisco!

Mindjet's Product Director, and long-term Biggerplate member Michael Deutch will be sharing his extensive knowledge and experience in a presentation focused on "Mind Map Dashboards", where he will explain how he uses maps