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News, updates, and articles related to MindGenius mind mapping software!

Practical Project Management: Step 1 - Discover What Your Project Needs to Achieve

Our good friends over at MindGenius recently released an excellent Project Management ebook, aiming to break down project management processes to make them quick, easy and accessible for everyone. With mind mapping obviously at the core of the book, we thought we should share some of its key takeaways with the Biggerplate Community! So, keep an eye out for our

Conference Countdown: Jamie MacDonald from MindGenius

With just 10 days to go until Biggerplate Unplugged, we continue our countdown of the fantastic speakers lined up for the next mind map conference, taking place in London on 19 March! View event details

Jamie MacDonald: MindGenius

A more effective way of working

Returning to speak at his second Biggerplate Unplugged event, Jamie will be exploring the barriers to

MindGenius Comes to Biggerplate!

As we edge closer to the end of a very busy year at Biggerplate, we thought it would be nice if Christmas came a little early for mind mappers around the world, so we have added full support for MindGenius to the library at Biggerplate! This means you can now add MindGenius maps to the library for others to view