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News, updates and articles related to iMindMap mind mapping software!

iMindMap 8 launches with a bang!

It's been an exciting few weeks in the mind mapping world, with our friends over at ThinkBuzan launching the much anticipated iMindMap 8 for both Windows and Mac! As always with iMindMap, you can not only expect to see a number of tweaks to the overall user experience but also the addition of some new and funky software features, like

Chris Griffiths (ThinkBuzan) at Biggerplate Unplugged

First of the keynote speakers at Biggerplate Unplugged in London was Chris Griffiths, CEO of ThinkBuzan. Chris gave us a fascinating insight into the origins of the highly successful iMindMap software, and talked with great passion about building upon the extensive and far-reaching work of Tony Buzan.

The audience listened intently as Chris outlined some of the early challenges he

iMindMap 6 Arrives!

Last week saw another exciting development for the mind mapping world, with the release of iMindMap 6, which has already received wide praise from all angles for being yet another giant leap forward in mind mapping software from the Cardiff-based ThinkBuzan team!

If you have not already tried iMindMap, you can download a free trial of the latest version by

Celebrate 1 Year of Biggerplate and iMindMap

It seems like only yesterday that we took the exciting step of teaming up with the fantastic guys and girls at ThinkBuzan to have their amazing iMindMap software to!

At the time, what excited us most was the prospect of bringing the talented and enthusiastic iMindMap user community to Biggerplate and seeing their work added to the site.

Biggerplate & iMindMap 5

I am personally absolutely thrilled to have recently added iMindMap 5 to Biggerplate, which means iMindMap users can now add their maps to the site for others to view and download! Try it Now!

This is a very big addition to Biggerplate, and another firm indication that the new version of our site (launched in March 2011) is really going