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Help and support articles to help you with frequently asked questions. Can't find the answer you need? Email for more help!

Where is the image pack I purchased?

If you have purchased some of our great Image Packs for your mind maps, but can't find the packs you've purchased, there's a couple of things to do:

Check the 'downloads' area within your web browser

Within most browsers, once the payment transaction is complete the image pack files will automatically download within your web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari,

My username is correct, but I still can't login?

If you have registered on Biggerplate but can't access the site using your username and password, there are a few possible issues, and some easy solutions, so don't panic! Here are a couple of questions to help you figure out what to do next:

Did you receive, and click, an 'activation' email from Biggerplate when you registered?

When you join

Why can't I open this mind map?

If you are having trouble opening one of the mind maps that you have downloaded from the mind map library at Biggerplate, then there are a couple of important things to know:

You need some mind mapping software installed on your computer

The mind maps on Biggerplate are not just picture files (like a JPEG of PNG), they are actually

Website says I'm downloading too fast and may not be human?

If you're seeing a message on Biggerplate that says "we think you're downloading too fast and you might not be human" - don't be offended, it's just a security measure that's in place to stop the site being abused by malicious little robots that try to trigger thousands of downloads per second in an attempt to crash the website.