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News, articles, case studies and user stories about mind mapping in schools, universities, and the wide world of education!

Mind Map Showcase -Critical literature review template

Here's a closer look at one of our popular Education mind maps shared on Biggerplate.

We have Mikko Arevuo to thank for this upload, along with his 13 other mind maps shared on the Biggerplate Library. Mikko is a principal lecturer at Regent's University London, leading two generalist postgraduate management programmes: MA International Business and MA Management. He has also

Building Effective Professional Learning- Business Club webinar

We are delighted to welcome Jeffrey Ritter as a guest speaker for our exclusive Business Club webinar tomorrow!

Building Effective Professional Learning

Wednesday 31st May 2017

12pm (San Fransisco)

8pm (UK)

Sign up here.

He'll be speaking to us about instructional design and mind mapping visualization within the context of building effective professional learning.

Professional learning faces two big challenges:

Ma découverte du mind mapping

Je m'appelle Ruth et je m'occupe de la communauté Française, ainsi que la communauté mondiale, de Biggerplate en tant que Marketing et Community Manager.

Souvent, on me demande comment j'ai découvert le mind mapping, donc j'ai enfin pris le temps de vous expliquer!

Tout a commencé à l'école. Un atelier "Mind Mapping pour les révisions" m'a ouvert les yeux à

The Interpreter- From note taking to Mind Mapping

While I am the Marketing and Community Manager here at Biggerplate, I initially trained as an Interpreter with French and English. My Master's Qualification is not, however, redundant in my current role.

My job at Biggerplate requires regular communication with our ever expanding global community (in French and English), travelling, plenty of note taking , research, synthesising interesting information and delivering

The Benefits of Visual Learning

Here's a closer look at one of our popular mind maps on Biggerplate, shared by PuzzleBox - the benefits of visual learning, nicely outlined in a mind map.

The benefits of providing visuals in learning

Research entitled “Graphic Organisers: A Review of Scientifically Based Research ” has supported the instructional effectiveness of the use of visual learning techniques by examining the

Biggerplate Annual Report 2017 is now LIVE!

It's time to share your feedback and shape the future of mind mapping, with the return of our Annual Mind Map Survey!

Take the Survey: Click Here

Last year over 1,100 mind mappers from around the world told us how they were using mind maps, and the results were compiled and published in our Annual Mind Map Report 2016

Destructo sur Biggerplate

Cette semaine, on vous propose un petit témoinage de Destructo: un de nos membres fidèles, déjà avec plus de 150 mind maps partagées ! Nous lui avons posés les questions suivantes: Que faites-vous? Pour vous, est-ce que vous trouvez Biggerplate un bon outil ? Comment avez-vous découvert Biggerplate et le Mind Mapping en général ?

Voici sa réponse...

Alors je vous tous vous