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Mixing Personal and Professional Dashboards

If you haven't already taken our Mind Mapping for Business Productivity course, then take it now! Our mind map e-learning courses give you an affordable and flexible way to improve your mind mapping knowledge and skills. So if you are a user of Xmind, iMindMap, iThoughts, MindManager or MindMeister then we encourage you to take our courses!

In our course,

The Interpreter- From note taking to Mind Mapping

While I am the Marketing and Community Manager here at Biggerplate, I initially trained as an Interpreter with French and English. My Master's Qualification is not, however, redundant in my current role.

My job at Biggerplate requires regular communication with our ever expanding global community (in French and English), travelling, plenty of note taking , research, synthesising interesting information and delivering

MindManager for Business Productivity: E-learning course now live!

We're hugely excited to announce that our MindManager for Business Productivity e-learning course is now live and available online, with some great reviews coming in from those who have taken the course already! Biggerplate members can get 25% off the cost of these courses using the code BIGGERPLATE25, and you can view the course details here: MindManager E-learning

This new

London Mind Map Training Workshop: 19 Jan

So the weekend is almost here, we're halfway through January, and no doubt those New Year resolutions are holding strong and you're more in control of your work (and the world in general) than ever before. Of course you are. You rock star. But in case you wanted to up your rock-stariness even further, perhaps you might like to join

Mind Mapping Software Tutorials

Launched this week on Biggerplate is a brand new area dedicated to mind mapping tutorials to help you get the most out of your chosen mind map software!

The new Tutorials area features a series of progressive two-minute tutorial videos, which aim to help people get to grips with their chosen mind map software quickly and easily, from basic 'Getting