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Should Biggerplate go Bigger?

After several discussions over the last few months, an interesting question has been raised for Biggerplate, and that is whether we make our offering to the world, well, bigger...

We have had a lot of people contacting us since the new year asking if we might open the site up to accept other mapping programs, so that other people (who do not use MindManager) might be able to use Biggerplate to share and exchange mindmaps that they have created using software other than MindManager. While this is previously something that we have considered but resisted, the increase in enquiries and requests of this nature suggests that now might be a good time to do some early research into this matter.

MindManager is certainly the tool of choice at Biggerplate, but this is not to say that other mapping software is of no use or value. We are interested to know whether our members, and the wider world would like us to open the site to accept certain other programs in addition to Mindmanager, and if so; which programs they might want to see added to the site.

We have therefore created an amazingly short survey with just 10 questions, which we would love you to visit and fill in to give us your thoughts. The tiny survey can be viewed here: Should Biggerplate go Bigger?

Making any changes like this is a long way away for Biggerplate, but we are nonetheless keen to learn your thoughts about this to provide us with some very early research. So visit our survey and tell us what you think!


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