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Recording your productivity

If you haven't already taken our 'Mind Mapping for Business Productivity' course on Udemy, what are you waiting for?! We teach you how to make the most of mind mapping software to become more productive at work by using a single 'Dashboard' view to stay in control of ideas and information thanks to mind map software. Check it out!

In the course, we talk about the importance of getting rid of tasks once completed because the focus is on work to be done.

One question we often here is whether there is a way to move completed topics and their related subtopics (or tasks, etc.) , to another mind map that would serve as a history of completed activity?

Some users like to have a record of what has been done on completed projects by means of a 'history map', i.e somewhere to store all of your completed tasks for reference- and indeed this is a good reference for those times when one is needed, for example when you have that dreaded annual review.

Can completed topics be moved to another map, and what are the practical limits of the number of entries that such a history map could hold?

You can certainly move your completed tasks to another mind map. For example, you could create a new mind map called 'Reference Map (or whatever subject you require for reference), and add branches off and simply copy and paste the completed projects from your Dashboard map onto this new mind map. Rather than deleting a branch entirely when you have completed a task, you could copy and paste it into a separate mind map, and have a section on your Dashboard branches called 'Completed/for reference' (whatever works for you!) .

This reference mind map can then be hyperlinked into your Dashboard for quick and easy access for the next time you want it. Please see our YouTube channel for tutorials on how to add hyperlinks within maps.

So, it is possible to move completed tasks on to a new map, yes, and this mind map can also be linked to your original Dashboard map.

With regards to limits, it's really down to how many folders/files you are happy to store, and whether you feel comfortable having information floating around despite not needing it anymore...!

Depending on how much information you need to store, it might be practical to have several mind maps linking to other mind map, but this can get messy and confusing. However, it DOES work for some people, so it might work for you. Equally, you can link to documents in other formats (eg Word) from you mind map, too. So you might prefer to have a link to a different document from your reference branch, too.

It's down to you to experiment and see what works best for you. As long as the information is manageable, that is the main thing we are trying to achieve with mind mapping.

Do you have a particular way in which you mage your dashboard? Let us know your methods!

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