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Project Dashboard Mind Map

We're very grateful to Alexis Van Espen, one of our enthusiastic Belgian mind mappers for this excellent project dashboard map.

This map owes a lot to the commendable book by Meri Williams :

WILLIAMS, M. (2010), The Principles of Project Management, Collingwood : SitePoint.

In no way is this map a summary of the book, nor is it a plain application of it. It's a free elaboration on the content of the book, and tailored to specific needs .

As you'll see when you download it, comments have been added to many branches to explain their use.

Alexis says that he has put "plenty of energy in designing this template and I heartily hope it might help some others".

Well we're certainly impressed with the efforts behind creating this wonderful visual, and I for one am now inspired to read the book!

Alexis provides a great example of how mind mapping can be used not only for book summaries, but for free elaboration of content, ideas and understandings of a particular book. You can also read more of his articles (in French) on our Blog.

You should also check out Alexis's fantastic range of mind maps in English, French and also Chinese!

Have you been inspired to create a mind map after reading a book which inspired you, at all? Don't forget to share it!

If you'd like to learn more about creating your own dashboard, check out our e-learning courses : Mind Mapping for Business Productivity , or search the Biggerplate Library for plenty of project dashboard templates.

Thanks Alexis!

© Alexis Van Espen

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