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Practical Project Management: Step 1 - Discover What Your Project Needs to Achieve

Our good friends over at MindGenius recently released an excellent Project Management ebook, aiming to break down project management processes to make them quick, easy and accessible for everyone. With mind mapping obviously at the core of the book, we thought we should share some of its key takeaways with the Biggerplate Community! So, keep an eye out for our series of 6 blog posts all about MindGenius' "Six Step Guide to Practical Project Management".

Step 1 - Discover What Your Project Needs to Achieve

This step in the process draws attention to the need to attain key pieces of information right at the beginning of the process, including:

  • Purpose - the reason for the project, i.e. problems it aims to solve, benefits it will bring, etc.

  • Objectives - what the project should achieve.

  • Key Requirements:

    • Scope - what should the project deliver?
    • Time - is there a date this needs to be delivered by?
    • Cost - what's the budget?

As well as these, it is worth at this early stage making a note of:

  • Major Milestones - make a note of key deadlines and target end date (if known).

  • Project Team - who is available to complete tasks associated with the project and help deliver it.

This first step has been simply, clearly and effectively outlined by the MindGenius team and contains tips and ideas that are invaluable whether you're managing your first project or are an experienced, professional project manager!

To read the full ebook, head to the MindGenius website. For the accompanying mind map templates, click here!

To view all the great mind maps shared by the MindGenius team, on Biggerplate, click here!

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