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Power Markers V2

New version of Power Markers for MindManager brings dashboard maps to life!

UK-based MindManager reseller Olympic Limited has announced the release of version 2 of Power Markers for MindManager, an add-in for MindManager 7 and 8 for Windows that makes it easy to keep track of actions and information in maps.

Power Markers dynamically creates lists of shortcuts to topics that have map markers or other conditions. For example, it can show you a list of incomplete action items that are due this week. The lists are shown alongside the map, so that you can see the status of your map at a glance, regardless of how deeply buried the topics are in your map.

This is perfect for “dashboard” maps that are a snapshot of work in progress. You can organise your map by subject areas, and not by status, as the status is visible in separate lists. This makes even the biggest maps simpler to navigate and maintain, greatly enhancing their value and extending their useful lifetime. Maps no longer become gridlocked and stale because they were hard to keep up to date – Power Markers keeps them alive and accurate.

Power Markers is available in two editions; the Standard edition is free to use with up to 15 lists per map, and the Pro edition requires a license key but has no limit on the number of lists you can monitor in your map.

There is a demonstration map on Biggerplate that can be viewed here

Download and install Power Markers from Olympic's website by clicking here

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