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Post-Brunch Club in Paris

It was a flying visit, but an exciting one all the same. My first Brunch Club as French Community Manager was a great experience. I loved meeting new people and finding out about how mind maps have influenced their lives.

There were 9 of us gathered in the Signos head office, and were treated to a delightful French spread of mini pastries and breads and coffee while we discussed the mind mapping world in relation to France.

It was interesting to meet people with such enthusiasm for mind maps in their day to day lives. Whether it be for courses, training, knowledge or management, each attendee explained how mind mapping changed the way they organise their thoughts and ideas.

We talked mainly about the past of mind mapping, the present, and mind mapping for the future, and specifically how Biggerplate and the Community Manager fits in to this.

As French Community Manager I am now going to focus more on blogs in French, and collaborating more with our French members and promoting the mind maps which they upload.

I cannot wait for the next Brunch Club meeting, and to get my teeth stuck into what France is bringing to Biggerplate!

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