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PMP Mind Maps - Mapping in Project Management

Today I said something to a friend that made me think momentarily about how important it is to see a tool like mind mapping in action, rather than having it described to you.

I used a throw-away line that is no doubt often used when describing mind mapping to someone who is perhaps unfamiliar with the concept - "it's used a lot in project management". Since I was talking to a Professional Project Manager, he probably thought I was simply trying to interest him by making my stuff seem relevant to him! The evidence from the Biggerplate library is that this Project Managers love mapping, and this continues to be an area of growth. The Project Management section within the library is in fact the largest!
To prove myself right, I promised that I would send him a link with some information and examples, and as I put together the email, I figured it might be a good idea to post some good mind map examples from the library that relate to Project Managers for the world to see too!
(I'm then going to send my friend a link to this blog post, so he can see how much effort I've gone through to impress! You'd better be impressed... you know who you are...)

Managing Projects Mind Map

Submitted by (another) good friend in the earliest days of Biggerplate, this map covers a huge range of information related to the PMBOK methodologies, and continues to be one of the most downloaded on the site! View it here.

PMBOK Knowledge Areas Mind Map

Lots of people use mind mapping to help them learn the necessary information to pass the PMP exams, and this map is a great example of how someone has broken down the PMBOK knowledge areas into more manageable chunks to help learning! View it here.

PRINCE2 Dashboard Mind Map

Creating dashboards is another great use of mind mapping software, and this map is a great example of this, with a particular focus on using the map as a tool for managing a project using the PRINCE2 framework. View it here.

PM Formulas Mind Map

Haven't got a clue about any of the formulas, but this is another great example of how someone is using the mind map structure as a way of organising and displaying key information that they may need to learn, remember, or simply have readily at hand for their everyday work! View it here.

There are over 100 Project Management mind maps in this section of the library, so go and take a look for yourself and see what you find! Take me there.
And don't forget, if you've got maps that could be useful to others, upload them to the library!

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