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Partner Spotlight: Olympic Ltd

We recently had the chance to speak with Nigel Goult, who is the CEO of Olympic Ltd, a Biggerplate Partner, and long-standing expert within the field of mind mapping. Nigel has been kind enough to answer some questions for us relating to his business, the world of MindManager add-ins, and his work in bringing small businesses together through communities such as MMDevX.

In short, what does Olympic do?

Develop solutions/add-ins that extend/enhance MindManager.

When and how did you first become involved in the world of mind mapping?

I was introduced to MindManager when I applied for a position at M-Urge Limited which was at the time the Mindjet Distributor in the UK. That was back in January 2001. While at M-Urge I was fortunate to go through the product launches of MindManager 2002 and MindManager X5.

During this time I made some great relationships with Mindjet employees in the UK, Germany and the US and these relationships help me to create Visual Technology Solutions which was a co-owned venture that once again focussed on MindManager. It was while running VTS that I started developing add-ins based on VB .Net and conceived and developed Visual Project Maps which was the first PRINCE2 project management solution to work with MindManager. In 2007 I parted company from VTS due to differences in how the company was being run and revived Olympic Limited, a company I had owned since 1995. Again, with help from my great contacts within Mindjet I was able to make Olympic into one of the most focussed Value Added Resellers and Technology Partners in the UK and the technology side of that relationship continues today.

What is the main focus of your work today?

Since the release of MindManager 2012 and Mindjet’s subsequent increase in the baseline price of the product we have taken a step back and had to look carefully at our business model. We can no longer rely on product sales as a Value Added Reseller as this change in pricing at one end and the introduction of a Freemium model with Mindjet Connect at the other means that many of the smaller businesses that provided Olympic with opportunities are unable to absorb the impact of these price changes into their organisation and we are therefore now shifting our focus to helping businesses that do invest in MindManager get the maximum value out of what has become the highest priced Mind Mapping software available today.

What is it that excites you about the mind mapping arena?

I think that Mind Mapping is just one of many methods and techniques that are available to business and personal users today and it always has been. It is often mistaken for being a Panacea to all problems which it is not and I hope that Olympic can help people realise that these applications are one of many that can help them run their businesses and personal task management. Because the technique has yet to become mainstream and more widely adopted it means there is a land of opportunity for the right businesses that are correctly positioned IF Mind Mapping does eventually hit the mainstream. We hope that Olympic will be one of those companies.

How can you help Biggerplate members to do more with mapping?

Olympic can help members of Biggerplate understand that there is a great deal of features and functionality already within these products that if tapped correctly can unlock great productivity advantages. Combined with the ability to offer bespoke code to extend MindManager we can open up new areas where these products can become useful within their business.

In your opinion, what are the merits of a site and community like Biggerplate?

Biggerplate has been a long ovedue and greatly welcomed community site for Mind Mappers today. Speaking as a “Partner” of a major vendor, it is sad to say that marketing support and exposure of the extended opportunities for users of these products has in the past been woefully inadequate. Biggerplate has started to fill that chasm of marketing support and Olympic are also trying to help contribute to this with MindMappers Ning and MMDevX. In this day and age it is very important that smaller businesses are supported and actively promoted to maintain their engagement with the vendors market, afterall, some of these vendors would not be where they are today without the previous support of their partners. Biggerplate, Ning, MindMapping Software Blog, MMDevx and others can together help overcome this chasm and hopefully we will all be able to benefit by helping each other as communities and partners should.

Anything new and exciting coming up in your world?

Glad you ask!

We have just released a new version of our flagship solution for MindManager, OPTi-P2. Version 2.0 has been a new code write from the ground up and we have included some very neat features which will allow users to customise their projects a lot more and utilise file formats other than MS Office. We have also released the first localisation of OPTi-P2 which is in German and available now! We also plan Swedish, French, Dutch, Danish and Polish versions over the coming months.

We are also heavily committed to bringing MMDevX up to the next level as the MindManager Solutions Portal of choice in the absence of any official portal that serves users globally. Part of this new development includes a planned German language site of MMDevX for the German and Austrian market. Thiis is being driven with the help of MindMap IT which is run by Michael Louis, ex-co founder of Mindjet Corporation. Michaels 17 years experience of Mindjet and MindManager will help Olympic reach European partners and customers as we translate our solutions into other languages.
Mind Mappers Ning will also shortly undergo a facelift and will start to make more generic reach over information mapping.

To see more about Olympic's MindManager Solutions, click here.

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To visit the mind mappers ning group, click here.

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