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One click presenting with iMindQ!

We know lots of our members do their presentation planning using mind maps, but how many people actually use their mind mapping software to deliver the presentation itself? Whatever the answer, we suspect the number will increase among the iMindQ user community thanks to a single click presentation mode that will blow you away!

Our friends at iMindQ have really done some great stuff over the last couple of years, and the software continues to evolve in very interesting ways across multiple platforms, including windows, mac, mobile, and online. However, there's a 'simple' feature in the latest software version that we simply love: One click presentations.

This button seems so simple, and yet delivers a really significant 'wow' factor, by turning your mind map into a slick presentation with just one click. While there are lots of great features within the software to enable you to customise the presentation, I'm honestly not sure you need it. I actually think the iMindQ one-click presentation button is one of the best executed mind mapping software features I've seen for some time, based on the simplicity, and the quality and impact of the presentation output. I'm often disappointed to see people taking a great mind map and cutting it up into a sequence of PowerPoint slides, as (to me) this immediately undoes lots of the great benefit of having the content in a map. However, maybe people do this because they're not confident in the presentation modes within their software. I'm not sure. But if you're using iMindQ, you should never (ever, ever, ever) chop up your map into slides. You have no excuses! The presentation mode here will make you look good, and you can be 100% confident in what happens when you press that magic button! We all need that...

I was lucky enough to be shown this feature (and lots of other cool stuff) when I visited the team in Skopje (Macedonia) last year, but only recently have I started to put this into regular use, often when I've had to put together presentations at short notice, or when I want to demonstrate that a mind map can (and in many cases should) not only be used to plan a far more structured presentation, but also deliver the presentation content in a way that will grab the attention of your audience instantly. It gives the impression of a presentation that has taken hours to construct, with all the smooth transitions and zoom in/out movements that you'd expect from something far more labour intensive. A genuine time saver, and a high impact result. What more could you ask for?

See the presentation mode in action during this recent demo from the iMindQ team: View Video

Not tried iMindQ yet? Well you're missing out! It's a very solid software, great value for money, and now, it can make your presentations pop in ways that you may not have realised were possible! Learn more about iMindQ

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