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NEW: Profile Photos on Biggerplate

You can now add a profile photo to your Biggerplate profile - to help everyone get to know the mapper behind the maps!

It's taken us a little while to put together (it's more complicated than other sites make it look...) but we were extremely keen to make it happen, because we think it's important to make the people of Biggerplate just as visible as the mind maps. We're about mind mapping content and community, and we think this is another little step that will help us build a more connected and collaborative community!

To upload your own profile photo, simply login to the site, and head to the 'MyPlate' area where you can edit your profile information. You'll now see a 'My Photo' option on the right hand side, and an extremely easy upload process follows.

We encourage all members to add a photo to their profiles, and keep an eye out for some more exciting profile developments and general site improvements over the coming months... it's a good time to be part of the mind map community!

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Liam is the founder of, and tries (with varying success) to write about key projects and progress at Biggerplate, as well as the wider world of mind mapping and our place within it.
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