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New Mind Mapping Tutorial App

We love to see innovation within the mind mapping arena, especially when it is driven by existing members of the mapping community. We were therefore delighted to see the launch of an excellent new mind mapping tutorial app for the ipad, created by well-known mapping expert Hans Buskes!

The new "MindMapp" app, is an e-tutorial/workshop combined with a simple and easy to use mind mapping tool, which you use as you complete a series of exercises and mind maps within the app. Far from trying to create a competitor to existing mind mapping apps, Hans instead set out to create something that helps people get to grips with the fundamentals of mind mapping, having seen a number of people try mind mapping, and then discard it after a short period, often because they have not fully understood the best ways to do it, or the best contexts in which to use it as a process. The new app helps to guide people through the early learning stages, so that they may then move on to using more advanced applications/software if they choose.

Hans has been using mind maps for several years, training people in how to use mapping since the early nineties, and his highly popular website "Master Mind Maps" draws a large audience every day. As such, he is well-placed to help others get to grips with the basics of mind mapping, and the new app aims to help people learn to use mind maps effectively. The fact that Apple approved the app in just 2 days, is surely a testament to how well it has been designed, and the quality of the content contained within it!

In the future, Hans plans to add additional exercises and features within MindMapp, and we can't wait to see how this great idea develops!

Well done Hans - keep up the good work!
Learn more about MindMapp here

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