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New Mind Mapping Courses Live on Udemy!

Good news! Biggerplate Academy have now added 2 new mind mapping e-learning courses, and they are FREE!

Our e-learning elves have been busy working away at producing Complete User Guides for different mind mapping softwares, and you can now learn about all the features of MindMeister and iThoughts!

You can check out our Mind Mapping with MindMeister Complete User Guide on Udemy , as well as our Complete User Guide for iThoughts (Mac) too.

Why have we created these courses?

At Biggerplate, we believe mind mapping software is the missing link and the must-have tool for modern workers in business and education. Therefore, we want everyone to benefit from these mind mapping softwares, plus many others. We want people to know how to use the key features of mind mapping software, while creating highly practical, visual maps.

What will I learn?

We hope that by following these courses, you will improve your productivity and time management using task management functionality.

We also want you to be able to create information rich mind maps through the use of notes, links and more.

Finally, you will learn how to share your mind maps with colleagues (and the Biggerplate community!).

These courses are for everyone, no matter your experience in using mind mapping software, or your profession.

Our Complete user guides for Xmind, Mind Manager and iMindMap are on their way, too!

Take a look and sign up now!

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