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MindManager for Business Productivity: E-learning course now live!

We're hugely excited to announce that our MindManager for Business Productivity e-learning course is now live and available online, with some great reviews coming in from those who have taken the course already! Biggerplate members can get 25% off the cost of these courses using the code BIGGERPLATE25, and you can view the course details here: MindManager E-learning

This new course will show you how MindManager can be used to Capture, Prioritise, Plan, and Progress multiple tasks and projects, using a single 'Dashboard' mind map that we'll show you how to build up step by step!

"Been using MindManager for about 10 years, but still found this course to be a very helpful overview and review. It's really two courses in one -- Using MindJet & Becoming more productive." (User review: Dec 2015)

The course is already getting some great 5 star reviews from users, and we'll be continuing to develop and improve the content over the coming weeks as we gather more feedback from those who complete the course!

The beauty of e-learning is that users can take the course in their own time, and at their own pace, and from anywhere with an internet connection! It's a really exciting new project that will help us reach more people around the world with tips, tricks, and practical advice that can help them get the most out of their chosen mind mapping software.

"This is one of the best courses on how to best use mind mapping to increase productivity. The use of a dashboard is a game changer and has delivered outstanding results in the short time since implementing the concept. Thank you." (User Review: Dec 2015)​

Not a MindManager user? Don't worry, we've got new courses for XMind, iMindMap, MindMeister and more coming soon! Check our e-learning homepage to see when these new courses are added!

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