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Mixing Personal and Professional Dashboards

If you haven't already taken our Mind Mapping for Business Productivity course, then take it now! Our mind map e-learning courses give you an affordable and flexible way to improve your mind mapping knowledge and skills. So if you are a user of Xmind, iMindMap, iThoughts, MindManager or MindMeister then we encourage you to take our courses!

In our course, we show you how mind maps can be used for you to create and update your own personal dashboard. We have plenty of dashboard templates available on Biggerplate for you to be inspired by!

But what happens if you have more than one Business, or project, both personally and professionally?

We're often asked questions like: is it a good idea to mix a professional and personal dashboard, or should I use 2 different dashboards? Should I use 2 different dashboard for the different projects of is it better to have only one dashboard to avoid switching dashboard and have a more global view on my weekly task?

The main thing to say is that it is really down to your personal preference. While we can give you our suggestions from experience, we want you to find out what works best for you!

The aim is not to have everything on one dashboard.

A global overview is great, of course, and what is useful is having separate branches with links to other dashboards off from these branches. That way you have an overview but then separate dashboards to hand for easy and quick reference.

The goal is to keep your information manageable, so if you find that having separate dashboards for both businesses and your personal life works well for you, then go with that.

However, if you find that you can't move between projects/dashboards easily then you might want to put everything on one professional dashboard under different branches. And the same works in the other way: if you can't move between all of the information on one dashboard then you might want to split them out.

We always suggest that you give one method a try for one month, and one method for another month and see what works best for you? That's what we want the most, is that you find a method which works for you!

So, check out our eLearning courses, get buiding those dashboards, and have fun! Don't forget to share your dashboard mind maps, and your experiences with us on Biggerplate!

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