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MindView mind maps now supported on!

We're delighted to announce that you can now share MindView mind map templates and examples on the Biggerplate mind map library!

With an estimated 5 million users worldwide, we're excited to welcome the MindView user community to, and look forward to seeing how you are using this fantastic mind mapping software! With a strong following among Project Managers, we're already seeing some excellent MindView templates being shared, including the featured Project Planning Template from JimFranklin.

As we look to continually improve the mind mapping content, learning, and community available at, we are thrilled to be supporting another fantastic software application, and excited to build on this important first step with the MindView organisation and user community!

If you're a MindView user, then why not try sharing your own MindView maps today!

Want to learn more about MindView? Visit for further details.


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