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MindMeister deepens Biggerplate integration

We're delighted to share some great news with our members this week, as the integration between and the leading online mind mapping solution MindMeister has just improved further with a couple of excellent updates!

I recently had the pleasure of returning to Vienna for a busy and highly productive couple of days working with the fantastic team at MindMeister, where we worked to build further on some of the great collaborative work done over the last year. The result is further improvements to the integration between MindMeister and, that will not only make life easier for Biggerplate members, but also put in place a key foundation to enable a better connected mind mapping experience throughout the internet, which is a pretty exciting (and desirable) objective!

As always, I'm extremely grateful to the MindMeister team for their continuing commitment to collaborative innovation with Biggerplate. We believe these new developments will be critical in connecting the mind mapping world over the next few years, and it is unsurprising to see MindMeister leading the field in this regard. MindMeister founder Michael Hollauf certainly shares our vision for a better connected mind mapping community, and had this to say: "By deepening our integration with Biggerplate we're opening a door for our users which leads to a vibrant community of like-minded and enthusiastic mappers. Suddenly, they're not just people who happen to use a certain mind mapping tool. They're provided with an identity inside a strong network and are given the resources they need to fully realize the potential of this great technique." We could not agree more!

It's certainly an exciting new phase, so whats new? Here's the key info:

Two-way MindMeister-Biggerplate Login

Both Biggerplate and MindMeister share the view that we can make the life of our respective community members easier. We think a single "mind mapper identity" could be a powerful unifying mechanism within the mind mapping community, and fortunately, technology now allows us to do this! Why create separate login details for both Biggerplate and MindMeister? They're both sites you use for mind mapping stuff, so why not just login as 'a mind mapper'... Well now you can.

It is now possible for you to login to using your MindMeister credentials, and likewise, you can now use your Biggerplate account details to access MindMeister! So (for example) if you'd like to try MindMeister for the first time, but don't want to create (and remember) another username and password, simply select the 'Login with Biggerplate' option, and you're up and running in seconds! Likewise, if you've just discovered and want to get started easily, just login using your MindMeister username/password and you can be sharing maps on Biggerplate instantly!

So, whether you created your 'mind mapper identity' with by registering with MindMeister (as some 5 million people have...), or by registering with, the key thing is that both companies are collaborating to make that identity even more useful for you!

Easier sharing of MindMeister maps on Biggerplate

Building on excellent foundation work completed earlier this year, the team at MindMeister have now also made it even easier to publish your MindMeister maps on the Biggerplate library, as part of some nice updates to their user interface.

Created a MindMeister map that you want to share with the world? Maybe a template for a business process, or a mind map to help a student with a topic for studying? Well you can simply select the share options, and select Biggerplate to go through a quick and easy process to publish your map on our mind map library instantly!


So... head on over to MindMeister now, and give some of this new functionality a test-drive! The big wide world of mind mapping just got better connected once again, and we're delighted to be working with the team at MindMeister to make this happen!

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