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Mind Map Showcase- Understanding the Honey Bee

In this week's mind map showcase we look at an excellent educational mind map shared on Biggerplate by Graham Smith : Understanding the Honey Bee.

This mind map is a new upload on to the Biggerplate site, and we love how colourful it is! Particularly with these winter nights drawing in, this mind map will certainly brighten your day!

It is a mind map to understand how important the Honey Bee is to us, the Human being. Creatively positioned in a mind map, the content is easily assimilable and captivating, with a great use of the relationships feature on iMindMap.

Thanks to this map, learning about the importance of the Honey Bee is much easier and interesting... hopefully it will encourage us to stop killing them, as their destruction could have long term effects upon our existence.

Download this mind map now to deepen your knowlegde of the Honey Bee and take control of how to protect and appreciate them more, by clicking here.

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This mind map was created using iMindMap. For more information about iMindmap, click here.

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