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Mindjet's 'Get Connected Week' returns!

Our good friends over at Mindjet have been hard at work preparing for this year's 'Get Connected Week' - their annual virtual event that gives people a great chance to learn more about mind mapping, MindManager, and all the exciting things happening at Mindjet! We caught up with the team to get the low down on what we can expect from this years #GetConnectedWeek

We're delighted to see the return of Get Connected Week once more! For those who are unfamiliar, can you give us an overview of what it’s all about, and perhaps why this initiative was launched a few years back?

We launched Get Connected Week, which is our (now-annual) three-day virtual event, back in 2012, in response to great demand from our customers for our monthly webinar programme. Each month we have a large number of registrations for the live sessions that we run as part of the monthly programme (you can sign up to receive invites to these here) and receive great feedback from people wanting to interact more with us directly through these sessions and learn how they can get even more from our products.
Get Connected Week is about getting our users in one ‘room’ (so to speak) where they can hear directly from our experts on various topics that include product demonstrations, practical ‘solutions’ webinars and industry insight led discussions, whilst also getting access to new resources and being able to interact with other users through social media.

What can mind mappers expect from Get Connected Week this year?

Last year’s event was a huge success and we received tons of great feedback from some of our 3,500 registrants, and we look to build on that success this year. This year, in addition to best-practice and us-case focused sessions, we look at how Mindjet products can promote individual and team creativity to drive innovation and success at an enterprise level.

Is Get Connected Week just for experienced MindManager users only

Absolutely not. Each year when we develop the schedule we make sure that there are sessions for everyone – whether you are brand new to Mindjet and our products, a ‘light’ user looking for guidance on how to get more out of the product, or a power user. We also have a wealth of resources available to attendees to help people to get started – including map templates and case studies.

What has the feedback been like in previous years, and can you identify any of the highlights/most popular stuff from previous years?

Our ‘solutions’ sessions are always very well received – these focus on specific use cases. This year we use these to look at how to better manage projects when dealing with dispersed teams, as well as how to improve information management.

We also find that each year our customers love having the opportunity to pose questions directly to the head of our product team, so again this year are running a full product Q&A session with our Senior VP of Products, James Gardner.

How can people get involved?

Well, apart from joining the session, we encourage people to get involved through the Q&A at the end of each webinar, as well as through social media, which will be monitored throughout the week using #GetConnectedWeek. We make sure that all questions are followed-up on following the sessions if we don’t get through them all on the live sessions.

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