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MindGenius Project Planning: Looping People

In Step 5 of the MindGenius 5 Step Guide to Planning Projects the emphasis is on keeping the people who matter in the loop - consistent communication is the key - we are reminded that 1 in 5 projects fail due to ineffective communication.

The MindGenius team argue that the most crucial information to communicate with stakeholders will be the scope - what you are planning on delivering.

They warn it does not end there: 'you have to keep them in the loop regularly'. The challenge is to bring the right information (and detail) at the right level for the right stakeholder. One size does NOT fit all. The content and tone of the communication as well as the frequency all need to be planned and managed.

During the project, spot gaps, note changes, illustrate impacts and ensure the process of communication is two-way, not just transmissions in the hope they are received and understood.

The MindGenius team show us a Project Stakeholder Communication Plan based on a (two by two) grid of low power to high power on the vertical axis and low interest to high interest on the horizontal. They suggest where the different types of stakeholders sit on the grid and how to manage the communications successfully in each quadrant. For example where a stakeholder sits in the High Power/High Interest quadrant: keep them fully engaged, make the greatest effort to satisfy them and manage them closely.

For guidance in the other three quadrants, you can download the FREE e-book from MindGenius here: Mission Controlled - The 5 Step Guide to Planning Projects

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