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MindMeister Arrives on!

It's finally here... you can now share your MindMeister maps on!

We've started 2015 at a frantic pace, and have been working on a number of exciting projects so far, but none more exciting than a partnership with our friends at MindMeister to add their fantastic mind map application to the supported formats on Biggerplate!

If you are a MindMeister user, you can now share your mind maps directly from with the MindMeister application to the library at, using the Public Maps functionality within the software.

View a fantastic set of MindMeister maps shared already!

For those who are unfamiliar with MindMeister... where have you been? These guys have a fantastic browser-based mind mapping application, that prides itself on the ease of use (it takes about 3 seconds to start creating your first map online), and their amazing collaborative functionality - enabling you to work simultaneously on the same online mind map with other users at the same time!

MindMeister has truly established itself as a key player in the mind mapping world, and we're delighted and privileged to be working closely with the team based in Munich and Vienna. The public map gallery at already contains a huge range of mind maps that we hope will now be shared on Biggerplate to help us further grow the content and community gathered on our platform. It's another important step completed at Biggerplate, and one that we are extremely confident about. MindMeister boasts an extremely large and loyal following of users, and an enviable innovation track record, with a strong emphasis on leading the way in the use of cloud based technologies.

We have been collaborating with MindMeister for several years already, and they have been a fantastic supporter of the Biggerplate Unplugged conference series since it launched, with some fantastic and memorable presentations made by members of the MindMeister team over the last two years! They are a great bunch of people; full of energy and innovative ideas for how to move mind mapping onwards and upwards - they're exactly the type of organisation that Biggerplate likes to work with, and we're thrilled to be further building on this!

Raphaela and Marc from MindMeister recently become the first visitors to our new countryside offices in Oxfordshire, and of course... the first people to join us in a zombie apocalypse photo... totally normal day in the Biggerplate office of course...

Not tried MindMeister yet? Why not visit and set up a free account to start exploring today!

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