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Mind Maps for Effective Project Management

In this post, we speak to mind map trainer, enthusiast and author, Maneesh Dutt, about his new book, "Mind Maps for Effective Project Management".

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a freelance trainer, based out of India, extremely passionate about Mind Mapping & Project Management.

In addition to offering workshops for corporate I also regularly conduct Mind Map public sessions. With my 20 years of experience in various Industries and positions, I endeavour to design practical training workshops to allow immediate tangible benefits to individuals and organisations.

How were you first introduced to mind mapping?

It was purely by accident that I stumbled upon the book "How to Mind Map" by Tony Buzan little realizing that it would change the course of my life.

I started experimenting with the concept and was amazed every time with the results that I was getting. One thing led to another and finally burning with the fire of Mind Maps in my brain I decided to quit my job to pursue my love for Mind Maps 24 x 7.

What do you think is the greatest benefit of mind mapping?

For our intellectual growth we need to be perpetual "Learners" & "Creators". However as we age, for  the vast majority of us,  the desire for both these important aspects diminishes.

This is where  "Mind Maps" a simple thinking tool helps ignite the spark on both the dimension of  "learning" as well as "creating".  Our new "learnings" help us "create" better and vice versa.

Thus in this context  what I like about Mind Maps is that they are an indispensable thinking tool for anyone interested in growth and a fulfilling life.

How does mapping fit into your work and personal life?

I have created hundreds of Mind Maps (both hand & computer drawn) helping me in both my work & personal life in a multitude of ways. Top of the mind examples for work include preparing my training outline, taking notes, developing my publicity & marketing strategy, decision making etc. etc.

On the personal front it is a great tool to plan events/parties!

Tell us about your new book, "Mind Maps for Effective Project Management"

My book "Mind Maps for Effective Project Management" is about how Mind Maps, a simple creativity enhancing tool, can help manage projects better along the complete life cycle from start to end.

In my book I have presented opportunities for Mind Mapping at every stage of a project. In fact there are 40 ready to use Mind Map templates included in the book and with every purchase you get access to the softcopy of these templates.

With the explanations in the book and  these ready to use Mind Maps it becomes easy for any interested individual to kick start their Mind Mapping journey for better management of  all varieties of  Project.

Most of the Mind Maps presented are industry agnostic hence the book is helpful for projects across the industry from software to brick & mortar projects.

What sort of response has the book had?

I am happy & excited to share that the book, in the first month of its launch, has featured on the top 5 best selling among all books on the Notions press store and has also figured among the top 50 in management books on Amazon India Store.

What prompted you to write the book?

First and foremost my passion for the twin subject of Mind Maps & Project Management and secondly the desire to share this with a wider audience.

I also realized that on one hand the subject of Project Management has a universal appeal and is quite pervasive across industries. Whereas on the other hand Mind Maps, at present, does not enjoy a similar mass appeal.

A project is all about "enabling creation" and a Mind Map is about "enabling Creativity"; hence the two subjects could easily be brought closer with great potential benefits.

Thus realizing the potential of Mind Maps in Project Management I harbored an ambition to enable a marriage between these two subjects which resulted in this book.

Who would most benefit from reading the book?

First CEO's and heads of organisations interested in bringing a revolution to the way they manage projects. 

The Project Managers , the members of the Project Management Office and any stakeholders in projects can easily benefit from this book. 

It can be great gift for your best project teams or better still for all your project managers!! Head of Departments of Management schools interested in exposing their students to new emerging management techniques could also find this book to be quite valuable.

Where can we get it!?

The book is available at all the major online book stores (also e-book) across the globe.

Thanks to Maneesh for talking to us about his work! If you are working on something that you think would be of interest to the mapping community, get in touch via Twitter: @Biggerplate

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